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VitalWrap Hot & Cold Therapy, We are excited about the newest products added to our line. They are featured on our Home page and combine a system of hot or cold circulating water with specially tailored wraps available for any area of the body.






HomeAbout UsContact Us is devoted exclusively to orthopedic braces and therapy products that are not otherwise available to the general public except through a medical professional. With so many products on the market, we’ve taken our queues from the most respected orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, teaching pros, podiatrists and chiropractors in the business, and hand-selected only the products with the highest level of effectiveness based on what these highly trained professionals recommend.

Featured Product

VitalWrap System
(hot or cold therapy)

The VitalWrap System consists of three components: a control unit, a tubing set, and a thermal fabric wrap. The control unit, which includes a fluid reservoir, manages the temperature of water used by the system to supply heat or cold to the fabric wrap attached to the body. By pumping the water through a heat-exchanging bladder inside the wrap, the control unit warms or cools the water to match the proper temperature setting, delivering precise and safe thermal therapy.
The VitalWrap System is designed so that the user can apply thermal therapy for extended periods. This provides tremendous benefit to the injury site beyond the normal application periods of conventional therapies, such as heating pads and cold packs. The typical transition time between the warm and cold settings in the temperature range is about one minute.
Specially tailored wraps are available for any area of the body. Please consult your healthcare professional prior to applying the system, particularly when using it for long periods of time.

VitalWear VitalWrap System
VitalWear Recovery System
(Cold only therapy)

The RecoveryWrap System improves on such methods by delivering both cold and compression with unprecedented ease and flexibility. The device is fully portable and compatible with any of the thermal wraps in the VitalWear line. And the rechargeable battery pack means patients can get the benefits of cryotherapy whenever and wherever they need it - at home, at work, or on the go.
Like the VitalWrap System, the RecoveryWrap System is composed of a control unit, a tubing set, and a thermal wrap. The dial-operated ice-water canister maintains temperatures in the 40�-70�F safety zone, and its clear plastic construction makes it easy to monitor and refill.


Common medical applications include:
• Post op thermal therapy
• Emergency medicine
• Sports medicine and athletics
• Physical therapy
• Chiropractics
• Plastic and reconstructive procedure
• Chronic joint pain
• Arthritis
• Pregnant women and new mothers
The RecoveryWrap System shares the VitalWear market advantage of being affordable, and they appeal to physicians because the system is convenient and easy to use, patients are more likely to follow their pain management program, heal more quickly, and require less pain medication.